Is ProgPow Funneled by Money Laundering?

Kristy Leigh-Minehan (OhGodaGirl), the author of ProgPow is at the forefront of CoreScientific.

As stated in the article cited above, CoreScientific was indeed attempting to raise $250 million in funding.

Based on public reporting, we know at least $100 million out of the desired $250 million was raised.

Another point of interest was the connection with ‘Tripoint Global Equities LLC’.

Tripoint Global Equities LLC

Rather than searching for this entity directly, their address was searched first to produce a more organic result of the primary entity responsible for the operation of ‘Tripoint Global Equities LLC’.

Specifically, the address that they listed on the Core Scientific Edgar filing was 1450 Broadway 26th Floor, New York, NY 10018, USA

That leads us to a positive identification at their main website, here:

The final excerpt about ‘BANQ’ drew our attention, so we decided to look into BANQ’s relevance.

According to TriPoint, BANQ is:

“The Internet marketplace that is reinventing the whole offering process. We are giving meaning back to the term ‘public offering’ and enabling the crowd to participate in offerings from top tier boutique investment banks.”

Who is BANQ?

Further investigation of BANQ leads us to this article by crowdfundinsider:

Horizon Globex GmbH sounds familiar. What is their role in the blockchain space?

We’ll answer that question in the next section.

Horizon Globex GmbH

It is at this point where the series of connections between companies starts to get really interesting.

Below is company information on Horizon Globex:

Baarerstrasse 57, 6300 Zug is their address.

Here is more concise information from ‘Open Corporates’:

More Information About the Affiliations of Horizon Globex

Notably, most of these entities are located at the same address as ‘BANQ’.

Let’s refresh your memory for a second in case you’re lost.

  1. We started with Core Scientific (that’s who this article is about).

  2. We looked into Core Scientific’s SEC Filing and that’s how we found out that TriPoint Global Equities LLC was the broker for Core Scientific

  3. Along the way, we noted that TriPoint Global Equities LLC address is 1450 Broadway 26th floor.

Now let’s rewind and check out some of the other companies that also happen to be listed at 1450 Broadway (in New York) on the 26th floor:

#1 — Horizon Globex

#2 — Horizon Global Alliance

#3 — Generation Alpha, Incorporated

#4 — Horizon Latin America Ltd.

#5 — Happiness Biotech Group Limited

#6 — AMLCop

#7 — KYCWare

#8 — Tokenetics

#9 — Custodyware

#10 — Globalex US Holdings Corp

And many more.

The common theme here is that all of the companies that are registered there are attached pretty directly to Horizon Global or they simply are Horizon Global.

A Closer Look at Horizon Global

In the interest of moving things forward in a linear fashion, we’re going to go straight into the additional connections that have been made from Horizon Global (directly).

One thing that we noticed that was really interesting about Horizon Global was its foreign (outside of the U.S.) address.

One Horizon Group, Inc.’s Form 8-K indicates that their foreign address is 34 South Molton Street, London W1K 5RG, United Kingdom

Moving forward, there are a confluence of companies that are attached to the ’34 South Molton St., London W1K 5RG, United Kingdom’ address.

Horizon Group’s Deal With ‘Bespoke Growth Partners, Inc.’

On September 21st, 2018, Horizon Group completed a deal with ‘Bespoke Growth Partners’ (see below):

What makes this deal worthy of mentioning is the parent company responsible for Bespoke Growth Partners, Inc.’s existence.

Digging Deeper into the Connections Behind ‘Bespoke Growth Partners, Inc.’

Searching further into the SEC archives for more information about the company that Horizon Group partnered with — “Bespoke Growth Partners Inc.” leads us to an entity named, ‘Dolphin Digital Media Inc.’

Specifically, Bespoke is mentioned in this section shown below:

The excerpt above in Dolphin Digital Media Inc.’s Edgar filing states that Dolphin Digital Media Inc. had filed suit in federal court in the Southern District of Florida.

Specifically, Dolphin Digital Media states:

“The suit seeks recovery of corporate stock and damages occasioned by the misfeasance of Peikin, Gold and the corporate entities over which they prosided (Bespoke, GSquared, Carta De Dinero) and employed to divert Plaintiff’s money and opportunities.”

The names, ‘Peikin’ and ‘Gold’ refer to the individuals, ‘Mark Peikin’ and ‘Joshua M. Gold’.

Joshua M. Gold

Joshua was an attorney representing Dolphin Digital Media Inc.

Further research shows that Joshua M. Gold passed away at the age of 46 on July 3rd, 2018:

No definitive information could be found stating how Joshua M. Gold died.

Curiously, the individual named in his obituary, ‘Marty Taplin’, whom Joshua M. Gold represented as an attorney is also deceased.

According to the above report, Martin Taplin died in 2016 after falling down several stories from his hotel:

Mark Peikin

A cursory search into Mark Peikin’s corporate identity reveals that he is the CEO of Bespoke Growth Connections, the entity that recently partnered with Horizon.

This information can be found in Horizon Group’s Form 8-K filing with the SEC, submitted on January 2018, where they announce their partnership with Peikin via Bespoke Growth Partners, Inc. :

Interesting side note, TGZ Capital LP is a fund that was created and established by YouTube influencers Jake Paul, Cameron Dallas and Patrick Finnegan.

Jake Paul, in specific, is mentioned by name in the form as well:

What’s Going On With Mark Peikin and Bespoke?

If readers are a little confused at this point, that’s understandable.

When initially digging into the relationship between Bespoke and Horizon Group, we uncovered a lawsuit that a separate company, named Dolphin Digital, had filed against Mark Peikin, the CEO of Bespoke, in 2009, accusing him and another individual (Joshua M. Gold), of conspiring to commit stock fraud to defraud Dolphin Digital in order to enrich themselves and other co-defendants:

Then, just a month later (November 2009), Malcolm Stockdale, CEO of Winterman Group Ltd., filed suit against Mark Peikin and Dolphin Digital Media, accusing them of being the true conspirators against Stockdale/Winterman Group Ltd./Anne’s Diary.

Specifically, this suit accuses Peikin of being the mastermind behind a scheme to defraud Stockdale out of $4 million USD (see below):

The above lawsuit was then followed up by a countersuit by Peikin (CEO of Bespoke) and Joshua M. Gold, essentially accusing Winterman and Dolphin Digital of doing the same things that Gold and Peikin were being sued for:

Believe it or not, this was not the final lawsuit as there was yet another one filed by an individual named ‘Tom David’, that same year (2010) against all related parties:

SEC Enforcement Action Against Dolphin Digital

Just two years after Dolphin Digital was embroiled in numerous lawsuits, the SEC pursued enforcement action against them in 2011, alleging fraud, bribery, and stock manipulation, among other crimes:

The critical piece of information in the filing above is the link to Malcolm Stockdale.

Remember, we noted above that Stockdale had filed suit against Dolphin Digital, Peikin, and all other associated individuals in 2009, accusing them of doing what the SEC ended up suing Stockdale and Dolphin Digital Media for (shown above).

More importantly, the SEC lawsuit posted above reveals that Malcolm Stockdale was a major shareholder of Dolphin Digital Media and an integral part of its functionality. This, of course, is on top of the allegations that there was a major criminal conspiracy between Stockdale and two other controlling members of Dolphin Digital Media Inc.

All of this is notable because Malcolm Stockdale was/is the CEO of Winterman Inc.

Further research shows that Winterman Group essentially came to own 80%+ of all of Dolphin Digital shares via buyout in 2007–2008, thus explaining why the SEC referred to him as a ‘major shareholder’.

Winterman Group Buyout of Dolphin Digital

Before showing evidence of this, its worth noting the image below from the SEC’s website that show the different name changes of Dolphin Digital Media:

At the time the acquisition of Winterman Group was made, Dolphin Digital was doing business under the name, ‘Logica Holdings Inc’.

Below are excerpts from the SEC filing detailing the acquisition:

Let’s break what’s going on here, briefly:

  • As stated in the first line, every time you see the word “Company” (capitalized ‘C’), this document is referring to ‘Logical Holdings’, the name of Dolphin Digital in 2007 before they eventually switched it to Dolphin Digital.

  • The first paragraph tells us that an agreement was made between Dolphin Digital (Logica) and Winterman Group Ltd. (Malcolm Stockdale)

  • Specifically, on July 9th, 2007, Dolphin Digital issued 12 million shares of common stock in their company to Winterman Group Ltd. (Malcolm Stockdale)

  • The last boxed statement tells us that those 12 million shares, “Constitute[d] 84.93% of the Company’s common stock outstanding immediately after the effective time of the share exchange.”

The shift in ownership is reflected later in the document as well (see below):

What’s interesting to observe is that, despite taking ownership of 84.93% of Dolphin Digital (then, Logica), Winterman Group Ltd. was still not listed as an ‘executive officer’, ‘director’, ‘promoter’ or ‘control person’.

Below is a screenshot of the only two listed directors for Logica following the acquisition by Winterman Group:

FBI Action Against Dolphin Digital and Winterman Group (2012)

Unfortunately for Dolphin Digital Media Inc., their run-ins with government agencies didn’t end with the SEC’s administrative proceedings in 2011.

It turns out that the FBI was also pursuing concurrent enforcement action against Dolphin Digital during the same time frame.

Forbes covered the enforcement action at the time the verdict was rendered:

The case was prosecuted by the Eastern District of New York.

The original press release announcing the results of their prosecution against Dolphin Digital and Malcolm Stockdale is archived on the FBI’s website (see below):

Some notable takeaways from the information presented above:

  • Winterman Group Ltd. was not prosecuted as part of this enforcement action, which means that Malcolm Stockdale was able to get away in this instance (2012). However, the indictment does appear to allude to his involvement in statements such as, “Baldasarre and another Dolphin shareholder met with an individual” or “Dolphin shares owned by Baldassarre and the other shareholder” or “Baldassarre and the other shareholder arranged for Mouallem to act as their stockbroker…” ; The only known shareholder of Dolphin Digital apart from Baldassarre and Mouallem was Malcolm Stockdale (Winterman Group Ltd.).

  • The most important takeaway from the FBI’s excerpt above re: Dolphin Digital is how their business model was defined. Specifically, the DOJ stated that, ‘According to the evidence at trial, Dolphin created secure social networking websites for children.”

Specifically, the partnership between Bespoke Growth Partners, Inc. and One Horizon Group, outlined in Horizon’s Form 8-K (Jan 2018) specifies a nearly identical goal.

Jake Paul is a social media influencer and his demographic is primarily younger children.